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The first reptile in our house was actually not mine. I acquired a
reptile as a pet because, like many, my son wanted an iguana for
his birthday and we bought it for him. Soon after, I ended up
feeding, watering, and soon started loving this wonderful creature.
Once I named her (Maxine) she became officially mine... That was
12 years ago. I decided to join a local reptile group to educate
myself on reptile care. It didn't take long for me to start adding to
my collection. I had been introduced to the snake world and fell
in love with the corn snake! I purchased my first Okeetee Corn
snake from a very reputable breeder who had him as a pet for his
daughter. I named him, "Sam". He's a real beauty. Sam is now 13
years old. I didn't want Sam to be I obtained, from a
friend, a reverse Okeetee female. I named her, "Kamakshe". I have
had her for 6 years now. Not forgetting my love for lizards, I had
to have a bearded dragon and soon "Sydney" was a member of my
household. Then came "Godfrey" my African Fat-tailed gecko. I
then was called to save a snake from someone who had put their
snake in a large wooden crate and placed it at the side of the road
for the garbage men to pick up the next morning. Oh....should I
mention it was in February, was snowing, and was only around 19
degrees outside. A concerned neighbor called and I went to rescue
her. "Baby" is now 9 1/2 feet and is the sweetest red-tailed boa
constrictor you could ever want. Soon, Michelle (from TSARA)
got me hooked on frogs. She not only loves frogs....she is
OBSESSED with frogs. Now I have added to my zoo...tomato
frogs, American toads, red-bellied toads, white's tree frogs, and
green & grey tree frogs. My next addition was a Dumeril's boa
(which I haven't named yet) from the same breeder that I bought
Sam from. Last but not least......I purchased a spur-thigh tortoise.
Since this animal will need to be willed to my grandson....I will
wait until he can speak a little better and I will let him name her.
As you can tell....I am not into reptiles for breeding. I truly love
them as my pets! That's why T.S.A.R.A. was formed. I am proud
to have helped so many make this group a reality three years ago.
Our motto holds true for all us who have......