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Purpose and Objectives
The Tri-State Amphibian and Reptile Association was founded in November 1999, by cold-
blooded animal enthusiasts from Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

* T.S.A.R.A will provide members with knowledge, assistance and resources that are
necessary to keep you and your cold-blooded friend happy and healthy. Through
education, fellowship, and sharing.
* T.S.A.R.A. is a service-oriented association dedicated to the greater good of all through
compassion, understanding, and well meaning interaction.
* We understand the importance and necessity for the scientific study of our cold-blooded
friends; our mission is to assist the layperson and pet owner in their study and keeping of
reptiles and amphibians.
* We are a non profit organization and do not gear our efforts towards personal financial
* Exploitation of any animal for this purpose will not be tolerated.
* All of our members accept the ethical responsibilities of the proper treatment and caring of

We hope that all we come in contact with will gain from our association in the most
benevolent of ways.

The T.S.A.R.A. holds meetings once a month. Each meeting for the general public will be at
7:30 p.m. The location is: King-Pin Bowling Lanes, 7335 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati,
OH 45255. The meeting takes place in the basement of the building. During these meetings
the membership will be presented with updates on club business and an educational
presentation on a variety of subjects relating to the care and treatment of reptiles and
amphibians. These presentations are given in a variety of ways (lectures, hikes, videos,
slides). The meetings are open to the public and free of charge. Any questions you can call
the herp line or check the web page.

* Internet access to the web-page newsletter
* Access to the T.S.A.R.A. Library, via the Internet.
* The ability to vote on officers, amendments to our by laws and important association
* Access to newsletters from other organizations
* Immediate access to our herp-adoption program

Student $ 5.00/year
Individual $10.00/year
Family/Institution $20.00/year

Home Page: Herp-line: 513-956-9705 e-mail:

Just a reminder, we are a
non-profit organization and
are not affiliated with the
Cincinatti Zoo